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San Francisco Government Television

Public Service Announcement Form

PSA's get your message across

SFGovTV features a graphic/text based bulletin board service entitled Public Service Announcements, (PSA). Public Service Announcements air on the channel overnight and in between programs. City Agencies can take advantage of this great opportunity to promote their program or event, on television, to the citizens of San Francisco.

To start, please fill out the PSA Announcement form and submit it to us.

Because of the constraints of Television, we ask that you use the formatting guidelines below: 8 lines of 38 characters each. If you would like to include a logo in your public service announcement, you can give us a call and someone will assist you with your request.

For more information or questions about SFGovTV’s public announcements service, contact us at (415) 554-4188

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Important: Submit your PSA two weeks prior to start date on SFGovTV, not the actual date of your event or meeting.


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